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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

No Topic

A light descended on earth,
I saw two foot prints on the desert sand.
Where had it come from?
And where was it going?
Only two footprints were visible.
Maybe somebody had stopped on the ground by mistake.

Sohrab Sepehri

  • It has been a few days that I could not find the time to update this little corner which is my blog, and when there was time the mood was lacking.
  • I am sure you have also been witnessing the great Iranian up rise against the Iranian national football team. As a football loving nation it is our right to have a strong professional football team. For me, football is very true to life and I think to some extent every national team is a mirror of its own nation representing the essence of what that nation stands for.

why were we so shocked and overwhelmed by the loss of our national team?

I believe that for a moment we might have lost touch with our reality, and of what our situation is all about. I mean, for God sake in which fields in social or academic movements have we made any grounds as a nation? (please don't mention we have this or that scientist Working in NASA) Yes, it is our right to have a strong team as it is our right to have many other things, but only if we are realists and have the courage to accept the fact that we have a very long way to go, we will then be able to know what we are about and what it is to be done.

  • I am still praying to see England's team loose. So pray with me....

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Women's Right

Yesterday Iranian women in Tehran came out in to the streets in order to protest against the anti-women's laws in Iran and to assert on their basic rights. Although it was going to be a peaceful event, many were beaten and arrested. The news of this event has almost been boycotted within the Iranian official news agencies, but the news of this gathering is a hot topic within the Iranian blogsphere.

photographs of the event: Kossof

More detailed news from other blogs (in English): Remains of the day, Archer

Official news: Associated Press

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Women's Right + Football

This is a summon of women's rights activists in Iran. It is to protest against anti-women's law in Iran. Please sign and show your support.
Time: 12th of June, 5-6 p.m, 7 Tir square. Iran, Tehran

The wait is over. Only one more day to go. I have programmed my next month's schedule So I can watch most of the matches. Mostly, we might think about the wining teams, but since last night I couldn't get this thought out of my mind that there are a few teams which I will enjoy watching them loose ( England for one).

*Checkout the Worldcup blog(see).

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Don't be a slave. Follow society to the point you feel is needed, but always remain master of your own destiny. (Osho)

I know it is a bit overdue, but I deem it my duty to send my regards to those of our friends, whom decided not to sit quiet and to take action in a most civil way in order to insure one of their most basic human right. Leila Mouri and Parastoo are the only ones whom I know by their blogs, but I know there were many more in the campaign.

Dear ladies I simply salute you.