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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Vay mosibata...!

Bahrain from space

Yesterday in a news conference in Tehran the Amir of Qatar wished the Iranian football team success and also wished peace for the region (Persian) Arabian Gulf. Meanwhile the Iranian president reminds his counterpart that when the Amir went to school the mentioned region was used to be called the Persian Gulf, but Ahmadinejad was faced by the Amir's immediate rebuttal: "Those times they were wrong."
Let me remind the dear reader that those words are being mentioned in the presence of an Iranian president, the representative of the Iranian people and their interests; and worse of all in our own capital city, Tehran!.

By no means I want to blame the Amir of Qatar or his country. (They have every right to lookout for their national interests.)
I know that I would be considered naive to ask if we have any foreign strategic plans to insure our national interests in the region, but would it be inconsiderate of me to ask what has happened to our rightful national authority in the region?
How have we reached such an estate, where a leader of a foreign country (whomever he or she might be) dares not only to mention but also manipulate the rights and the history of more than 68 million Iranians right in their own home. vay mosibata, vay..... .


Blogger Winston said...


We (iranians) have become NO-BODY after the revolution every where in this universe!

Shame on the mullahs!

12:50 PM  
Blogger Spooky Witch said...

It is so sad . I guess we shouldn't blame National Geography for last year's mistakes we have to blame Iranian Officials for letting Persian Gulf to be called Arabian gulf...Even they were so happy with just getting 14% of Caspian Sea instead of 20%.

2:29 PM  
Blogger Somi said...

I think we shouldn't blame national geographic either. Because we let Mollahs (by not taking participate in the presidential election) to choose this mad man as our president. He even is frightened from the shape of Arab's amir ,how he could get our rights?
Despite all the rumors behind the election ,I deeply think that we were able to change our destinies but ...

2:48 PM  
Blogger PersianArchitect said...

for SPOOKY WITCH: You are right it is sad, and we only have ourselves to blame for it.

for SOMI: dear somi, regardless of who voted and didn't, it is high time that we Iranians take responsibility for our actions.

4:08 AM  
Blogger Arash said...

That's really sad. We are going down.

6:05 AM  
Anonymous Leila said...

It is a long time that we are going down. It is not a new issue. Most of the time we are blaming the other. It is time to believe we are responsible.

Thankyou for your kind comment. I added you in my links.

11:13 AM  
Anonymous monireh said...

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