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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Yellow cake, centrifuge, atomic bomb, enrichment, IAEA, Al baradei, sanctions, oil and....... .
When do you think this nightmare is going to end?
I wanted to include the word WAR in the above list, but I hesitated. I am sure people from my generation remember clearly what we had to go through during the Iran-Iraq war and I still consider myself and my family to be the lucky ones, for we survived and so many others did not.
I guess what I am trying to say is that: What happened to living, to life, to love and many simple joys of life?
Does the human brain has the capacity for all these negativeness which has surrounded us? Has our souls and and even our physical being been designed to go through all this?
I believe we all need to go under the rain, and once again breath a fresh air. We need calmness, for we might once again find the courage to find our ourselves within that calmness.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hejab (veil)

Persian architect

It seems that the ba hejab , bi hejab market in Iran has warmed up again. According to the news coming out of Iran "warmed up" would be an understatement.
The guidance Police has already started a campaign of intrusions against those of whom thay feel are not sufficiently veiled.
Even a member of parliament, seyed Mehdi Tabatabi, has made recommendations to those whom are not prepared to abide by the Islamic hejab code and has advised them to leave the country for there is no place for them in an islamic Iran.
Honestly,what have we come to?
It is a sad state of affairs.