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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Terror Within

Before anything arabian gulf .(needs no explanation)

I have got my hands on a Adbusters ,which I think is a far left magazine published in Canada. But to be honest I just couldn't put it down for an whole day.

Yesterday I was reading an article about the history of terrorism. The question which hit me first after finishing the article was," how could have living under many years of oligarchy and despotism effected my psyche?" There have been many times that I wanted to raise my voice , or at least say what I thought. But to be honest, in most cases I was afraid both for myself and my lovedones. There were even times which I started to sensor my own thoughts. A form of psychological terror. Terrorism is terror used as a means to an end.The history of terrorism is a form of insurrection against the ruling power. So I ask :"How is it, that it is almost the opposite, in my case as an Iranian citizen?" Are we terrorizing our own self in order not to be terrorized upon?

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

My Little Friends

For me smoking has always been one of life’s simplest joys and pleasures. The following scribbles are about what I am going through while trying to give up my habit. But before going any further I deem it necessary to point out the fact that cigarettes were neither introduced to me by a friend nor was I influenced as an underage.
Smoking has been a solace through all my upheavals and have brought some kind of an order to this commotion we call”life”. So, who needs a shoulder to cry on when you have such a reliable and supporting friend?
Not taking in to consideration the physical addiction of smoking, the question which strikes me the most is that how could smoking have become so intimate with my heart and soul? The truth of the matter is that I have experienced the most amazing and unforgettable moments of my adult life while inhaling those smokes of joy which literally rejuvenated and revived my physical and emotional being.
I started smoking when I was a student in the university. As a design student, my little friends (cigarettes) were with me when I learned the basic tools of design and were accompanying me when I threw my graduation cap in the sky. Even my first memories of any notion of love and intimate relationship is some how associated with smoking.
Now as an architect not only have I lost my most important design tool, and to make matters even worse, my brain simply can’t uncover the procedures of inspiration.
The only option which is available to me is the breaking of this “intimacy”, for if I don’t ,I will be the broken one.

Here I Am

First of all let me welcome myself to the world of bloggers. I have decided to write on this blog in english. Although english is not my first language, but somehow I feel it will allow me to express my thoughts and views more clearly.
During the past few weeks I have been reading some other Iranian bloggers ,which I think are doing a great job expressing their views in english.